Spanish Grades 5-8

HOLARealidades A (Prep7) & Realidades (Prep8) Access to Online Resources:  
IMPORTANTE: Go to for textbook & workbook online resources. Students have their own passwords and individual user names to access the digital tools available with the interactive e-textbook series, Realidades. Click on the vocabulary, expressions & authentic dialogues to hear and practice pronunciation of native speakers. Press SUBMIT when completed!
To utilize the online resources, one must have Adobe Flash Player installed on a computer. (Many computers already have this installed.) If it is not installed and/or you are unable to view the online resources, please see this link for help:
If your child encounters difficulty in accessing the online textbook and accompany materials (video clips, worksheets, audio files, interactive games, etc.) he/she also should bring the textbook and workbook home to complete the lesson's daily assignments.
Thanks to Prep 7 & 8 students who contributed for "¿Qué tal?" magazine. 
Please join for text message reminders throughout the year. Follow instruction sheet for your child's Spanish class. 
Practiquen y estudien el vocabulario, los verbos y la gramática.(Print lists from left margin, place in clear sheet protectors & review!)   

OJO: Practice & memorize Spanish prayers and Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish.amigosBienvenidos a la clase de español con la 
Señora Gaias