Important: Due to IOWA testing, Journeys' curriculum will be put on hold for this week.  All reading, grammar, and spelling for Journeys will not take place this week. Unit 1: Lesson 6 will continue NEXT week.  

Upcoming Quizzes/Tests:

Friday, October 19, 2018: Unit 4 Vocabulary quiz
Thursday, October 18, 2018: Unit 1 Reading & Grammar test (study guide was sent home and games/activities will be practiced in class to study)
Thursday, October 25, 2018: Chapter 1: Motion and Forces Science test (study guide will be sent home by Thursday and will be reviewed in class)



~R.O.W. #2 due back by Friday
~Study for Unit 4 Vocabulary quiz on Friday and Unit 1 Journeys' test on Thursday
~pgs. 41-42 in Sadlier Vocabulary book
~Math pgs. 123-124


~Math pgs. 129-130
~Health worksheet
~Pg. 43 in Sadlier Vocabulary book



~Study for Unit 1 Reading and Grammar test tomorrow
~Social Studies worksheet (need to use pages 20-25 in workbook to help)
~Math: Review addition and subtraction facts


~Unit 1 Journeys' Reading & Grammar test


~Unit 4 Vocabulary quiz

Have a blessed & beautiful weekend!!!