Upcoming Tests/ Quizzes/ Projects:

Unit 13 Vocabulary quiz: February 28, 2019 (Thursday)

Units 2-3 Reading & Grammar test: February 29, 2019 (Friday)

*Native American Poster Information & Rubric is being sent home and will be continued upon coming back from Winter vacation*

Thank you to all parents and guardians for coming today to make our play extra special!  


~Study for Math 
~Unit 4: Lesson 17 Spelling HW



~Unit 4: Lesson 17 Spelling HW
~pgs. 94-95 in Social Studies book
~R.O.W. #14 due back by Friday



~Unit 4: Lesson 17 Spelling HW
~Reread pgs. 59-75 in Journeys' textbook Vol. 2 and complete pgs. 21-22 in Reader's Notebook Vol. 2 "The Albertosaurus Mystery"

~Write out 6 times tables three times on loose leaf for Math


~Study for Unit 4: Lesson 17 Spelling HW

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***Have a blessed & beautiful weekend!!***