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.-. If for any reason you get sent to the homepage on accident, go to "Student & Family Resources" then to "Vocabulary Workshop Grades 1-12" and click on the "Vocabulary Workshop" (Green Book) to access all resources, games, and words for Units 1-18 .-.

.-. Below is a quiz schedule based on each unit.-.

*Vocabulary Quiz Schedule: 2018-2019*

Unit 1: September 21, 2018
Unit 2 & 3: October 5, 2018
Unit 4:
October 19, 2018
Unit 5:
Unit 6:
Unit 7:
Unit 8:
Unit 9:
Unit 10:
Unit 11:
Unit 12:
Unit 18:

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.-.This website is a great way to help study for spelling tests, practice vocabulary/ word recognition, enhance reading skills, and much more.  We will be working with this interactive website all year.-.

*Usernames and passwords were sent home and will be stored in our classroom*