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Spelling Homework
New Spelling Words are given out on Monday.
First spelling homework assignment is due on the Wednesday of that week.
The 2nd assignment will be do on the Friday.
Spelling HW choices on the link below! 
5th Grade Spelling HW
Spelling Test every Friday

Vocabulary Homework
Vocabulary HW Guidelines
Vocabulary Word Clusters
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Intermediate Science Fair Information
Everything is available on Google Classroo
Google Slides - Scientif Method - Due Monday January 14th
Choose Experiment and Question - Due Monday January 21st 
Research your topic. Write science terms and paragraph - Due Monday January 28th
Write Hypothesis - Due Friday February 1st 
Design Experiment, list variables and write procedure - Due Friday February 8th 

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Chapter 5 Math Test Corrections Due Friday 2/1
On a seperate piece of paper, re-do the problems that is incorrect. 
Highlight the correct new answer. 


 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Science Test - 2/8, Review due 2/6
Spelling #1
Math pgs 355-356
S.S. Test 2/13
Reading Test 2/15
Vocabulary Clusters Due 2/12
Science Test - 2/8, Review due tomorrow
Spelling #1
Math pgs 361-362
S.S. Test 2/13
Reading Test 2/15
Vocabulary Clusters Due 2/12
Spanish Index Cards due Friday
6 7 8
11 12 13 14 15
18 19 20 21 22
25 26 27 28 1

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Upcoming Tests
Science Test - Chapter 3 - Friday 2/8
Social Studies - Chapter 3 - Wednesday 2/13
Reading - Unit 3 - Friday 2/15
Review: subject & object pronouns, cause & effect, verb tenses,
figurative language, fact & opinion, regular & irregular verbs,
commas and semicolons, sequence of events, transitions,
compare & contrast, and prefixes in-, im-, il- & ir-. 

Here are some fun ways to help study for the Reading Test!
Figurative Language Game
Irregular Verbs Game
Prefixes Game