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Final Project
Missionary Research Project.pdf

Students will choose a Christian missionary to research.  The information should be recorded on the Research Log which will be handed in with the final project.  Once the information is recorded, students may choose the different components to glue onto a manila file folder.  You do not need to use all of the components.  The picture is just an example.  The Missionary & Me page is optional to complete but will count as extra credit if completed.  The final project is due no later than June 10th.  Students will then present their missionaries in class.
Final Project

Here is a list of some missionaries. You may choose off this list or you may choose one on your own.  

Francis Xavier
Hudson Taylor
Saint Patrick
Lottie Moon
Mother Teresa
Amy Wilson Carmichael
Mary Slessor
Gladys Aylward
Helen Roseveare
Heidi Baker
William Burton
Wayman Mitchell
Robert Pierce
Erika Sutter
Sir William James Wanless, MD
Eric Liddell