Living Environment (Biology)

ATTN 8th Grade: "Projected" Test Day is SUBJECT TO CHANGE! However...please make sure to keep preparing to the best of your ability!

ATTN 8th Grade: Mitosis LAB #12 will be the last lab to count towards TERM 1 grade. The Menstrual Cycle Lab #13 will NOT Count in TERM will count in TERM #2 grade. 
***Dear 8th Grade BIOLOGY Parents/Guardians,

I am still waiting for a few students to hand in missing assignments for grades. Please NOTE that scores of a 1 on Power School act as place holders until a student submits their work, since these assignments are already "LATE"...the score of a 1 will be increased to a 2 once submitted to me. Please stay on top of the students work as the end of Term 1 is approaching us quickly! Also take note, that QUIZ PACKET grades are NOT changeable being that students have a full month to complete them and they are due the day of exams. 
All the best, 
Miss. Burriesci 

ontact Information:


Monday 11/12/18 (LAB DAY):
NO school today

Tuesday 11/13/18:
***Test Corrections and Mitosis Lab due today.
-Continuing with Mitosis Power point (covering cell regulation today!) 
-Tear out next chapter in textbook

Wednesday 11/14/18:
-Discuss the Menstrual Cycle so that you understand the concept for LAB on Thursday.
Thursday 11/15/18 (LAB DAY):
-LAB #13: The Menstrual Cycle Lab
 Friday 11/16/18 (WHOLE GROUP):
-Begin: UNIT 11 (meiosis and sexual reproduction)!!!!!!!!!!!
-worked in unit packets today towards end of the class period. 
-continue to work on these packets please! 
-LAB DUE on Monday and will count towards TERM 2, not term 1. 
-test corrections and any other work that is due to me must be handed in by Tuesday the latest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the weekend-Miss. Burriesci