6th Grade Physical Science

Dear 6th Grade Parents/Guardians,

Please NOTE that scores of a 1 on Power School act as place holders until a student submits their work, since these assignments are already "LATE"...the score of a 1 will be increased to a 2 once submitted to me. Please stay on top of the students work as the end of Term 1 is approaching us. 

All the best, 

Miss. Burriesci 

Contact Info:

Topics This Year 2018-2019 Include:
(September to December)
Topic 0- Sci. Method/Measure/Graphs (DONE)
Topic 1- Intro to Matter (DONE)
Topic 2- Solids, Liquids, Gases (DONE)
Topic 8- Atoms & The Periodic Table (START Nov.2) 
Topic 9- Chemical Reactions

(January to May)
Topic 10- Forces & Motion 
Topic 3- Energy 
Topic 4- Thermal Energy 
Topic 5- Waves & ER
Topic 6- Electricity and Magnetism 
Topic 7- Currents & Circuits 

Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday 11/12/18:

Tuesday 11/13/18:
1) review textbook work from lesson #2.
2) Begin: Topic 8 Lesson #3 today (BONDING).
NO QUIZ TODAY...it will be tomorrow!

Wednesday 11/14/18:
***QUIZ on Lesson 1-2 today!!!!!!

Topic 8 Lesson #4 (types of bonds)

Thursday 11/15/18 (LAB DAY):
1) LAB: Protect the Helpers Virtual Lab

Friday 11/16/18:
1) Bonding Practice Activity