4th Grade Math

Fourth Grade Welcome

Extra Credit

Add and Subtract Extra Credit - You must do BOTH pages to receive the extra credit. This is due January 26th!


You may contact the teacher: 

*There are still several students who did not pay the $5 for the math supplies.  If you are not sure if you paid or not, please e-mail me and I will let you know!  Thank you!


Please see the calendar link on the left for updated information about homework, upcoming quizzes/tests.  Thank you.
  • Homework is to be done in the math book and handed in the next day.  You do not need to rip the page out of the book.  At the beginning of class, we will review the homework.
  • When a student is absent, he or she is still responsible to hand in the homework at a later time.  If the homework is not handed in within a week of returning back, the homework is counted as late and missing.  
  • Homework is posted on the website but the student is required to write the homework down in his/her planner.  

Power School is updated regularly for math.  Please log in to stay up to date with how your child is performing in mathematics (homework grades, quiz grades, test grades, participation grades, project grades).


  • Tests will be announced at least a week in advance so that there is plenty of time to review. Please refer to the study guides as a way to review.
  • Each Thursday, there will be an approximately 5 minute quiz to review past information.  There will only be 4 questions as to not stress students out.  At the end of each month, the spirals will be combined to form one overall grade and count as a quiz grade. This is called a spiral.
  • Study guides for the test will be posted to help a student study to realize what questions he/she may have.  Please hand in the study guide prior to the day of the test so that I may check it over. 
  • Extra help is given during a lunch/recess period.  Extra help is meant for the student to come to me to ask about a specific question or specific topic, not to review an entire chapter the day before an exam.

Save the date:
May 1 - May 3 : NYS Mathematics Test