6th Grade Math

Welcome to Sixth Grade Math with Mr. Scapellati!

TRIMESTER 1 Take-Home Assessment - due Tuesday, November 21st

Please see the calendar for daily homework.  Unless told to do otherwise, all assignments should be completed in the math homework notebook with ample work for each exercise.

IMPORTANT: Please note that tests must be signed by a parent/guardian if a student receives a score of 1 OR if the student is taking advantage of the extra-credit correction option.


Students must follow this exact format to be eligible for earning points back:

For each exercise that was partially/completely wrong:

1) Write out the entire question.

2) Complete the exercise correctly with ample work.

3) Provide a brief reason as to why it was marked off the first time.

This should all be done neatly on loose leaf, stapled to the back of the signed test, and turned into the math bin within three days of class return.  

​Topics to review for Unit 3:
Translating expressions
Evaluating algebraic expressions
Exponential terms
Word problem translations 
Like and unlike terms 
Distributive property 
Simplifying expressions using properties 

​Topics to review for Unit 2:
Integer Comparisons
Plotting on number lines
Plotting in the coordinate plane
Absolute value
Horizontal and vertical distances

​Topics to review for Unit 1:
Sums of fractions and decimals
Differences of fractions and decimals
Products of fractions and decimals
Quotients of fractions and decimals
Order of operations with fractions and decimals 
GCFs and LCMs via lists and prime factorizations
Expressions involving GCFs and sums/differences 
Word problems dealing with rational #s