7th Grade Math

Welcome to Seventh Grade Math with Mr. Scapellati!

In preparation for your mental math assessment, please review:
Taking percents of number
Basic conversions between fractions, decimals, and percents
Perfect squares and their principal square roots
Perfect cubes and their cubed roots
Operations with integers
Higher-level multiplication tables 

NOTE: Unless told to do otherwise, all homework assignments should be done neatly in the math homework notebook, with sufficient work for all exercises.  Textbooks may be left at home, so long as homework questions are paraphrased. 

Important Note:

All tests/spirals must be signed by a parent/guardian and returned within 2 days.

Extra Credit Options

Students may complete test/spiral corrections (on separate paper) adhering to format below.
Corrections must be turned in within 2 days as well.  Late corrections will not be accepted.  
Failure to comply to any of the items below will result in a VOID.  Multiple VOIDS will cause permanent ineligibility of extra credit. 

§  Parent/guardian signature next to grade

§  Write out entire question

§  Answer correctly with sufficient work

§  Provide a brief reason as to why it was wrong the first time