7th Grade Math

Welcome to Seventh Grade Math with Mr. Scapellati!

Summer Review Work - For those entering Prep 7 in September 2017

Please review the topics listed below and then complete the math exercies that follow, which should be done neatly on loose leaf with ample work for every question.  This is due on the first day of school in September.  Enjoy your summer!


- Operations with fractions and decimals
- Factors and multiples 
- Percent applications
- Order of operations
- Integer computations
- Graphing in the coordinate plane
- Algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities 
- Systems of measurements
- Basic planar and spatial geometry
- Fundamental statistics and probability 


1) What is four times the sum of 4/5 and 1/3?

2) Solve: 2w - 1.3 = 13.7

3) If you purchase three shirts for $12.38 each and pay $2.81 in tax, how much change will you receive from the cashier if you give her a $50-bill?

4) Explain, in words, how to calculate the area of trapezoid.

5) Convert 13 miles into feet and then into inches.

6) If the area of a rectangle is 3/16 square meters and its length is 0.5 meter, what is the rectangle's width? 

7) What is the GCF and LCM of 7, 28, and 35?

8) Explain, via absolute value, how to calculate the distance between the coordinates (14, -39) and (14, -211).

9) If the perimeter of a square is 48 cm, what is the area of this quadrilateral?

10) What is the solution set for 5(x + 2) < 30?

11) If you plan to pay off a loan of $5,800 by submitting $250 per month, how many months will it take you to pay this debt off and how much will your final payment be?

12) Evaluate 10^3 - 12 + -20/4

13) What is the definition of interquartile range?

14) Convert 1/7 into a decimal and round this to the nearest thousandth.

15) Two angles of a triangle measures 43 degrees and 52.3 degrees.  Calculate the measure of this polygon's third interior angle.  Classify this triangle in two ways.

16) What is 40% of 3/5 of 800?

17) If a = -2/3 what is the value of the expression 8a + 2?

18) Explain, in words, how to plot the point (-23, 12) on a coordinate plane.

19) Sketch a circle and draw one radius and one diameter, clearly labeling each of these segments.

20) Jody reads a book at a rate of 1 page every 3 minutes.  If her reading rate remains the same, how long will it take her to read 18 pages?

21) What is the quotient of 324,821 and 15 written as a mixed number?

22) Calculate the mean for the test scores of 92, 65, 80, 75, and 80.

23) What is the probability of landing on tails if you flip a standard coin?  Explain.

24) A hotel has a number of meeting rooms, m, available for events.  Each meeting room has 325 chairs.  Write an algebraic equation to represent c, the total number of chairs, in all of the meeting rooms at the hotel.  Then, use your equation to determine the total number of chairs in the hotel if there are 8 meeting rooms.

25) If your total bill, after tax, comes to $92.80 and you wish to leave a 20% tip for your waiter, what will your new total be after you factor the tip in?

26) How much smaller is 32.923 than 32.9705?

27) Define diagonal, as per such found in polygons. 

28) If you travel 240 miles over a period of 3.5 hours, what is your average speed for this trip?

29) Given the expression 5(4x + 2y) - 10, evaluate this if x = 2.3 and y = -3.

30) What is the definition of coefficient?

31) If a baker is making seven apple pies for every four cherry pies, how many cherry pies will he make if the baker makes 42 apple pies?

32) 60 is 70% of what #?

33) Solve: 12m + 8 = 8m + 24