7th Grade Math

Welcome to Seventh Grade Math with Mr. Scapellati!

Be sure to review your math vocabulary on a consistent basis.


Students must follow this exact format to be eligible for earning points back:

The test must be signed by a parent/guardian next to the grade.

For each exercise that was partially/completely wrong:

1) Write out the entire question.

2) Complete the exercise correctly with ample work.

3) Provide a brief reason as to why it was marked off the first time.

This should all be done neatly on loose leaf, stapled to the back of the signed test, and turned into the math bin within three days of class return.  

Topics to review for Unit 6:

Area of 2-d shapes
Circular features
Surface area and applications
Volume and applications
Working with composite figures 

Topics to review for Unit 5:

Perfect squares & cubes
Approximating square roots and cubes
Simplifying square roots
Sums and differences of radical terms
Products and quotients of radical terms
Order of operations with radical terms
Pythagorean Theorem 

Topics to review for Unit 4:

Scale drawings
Basic angle and polygon constructions 
Cross sections
Similar figures
Congruent figures
Various angle relationships
Lines cut by transversals 
Basic polygon concepts 

Topics to review for Unit 3:

Multi-step equations
Multi-step inequalities 
Translating into algebraic representations 
Word problems involving equations and inequalities 
Simplifying basic polynomials 

Topics to review for Unit 2:
Complex fractions
Unit rates
Proportionality of graphs and equations
Percent calculations
Applications of percents

​Topics to review for Unit 1:
Fraction, decimal, and percent forms of rationals
Sums of rational #s
Differences of rational #s
Products of rational #s
Quotients of rational #s
Order of operations with rational #s
Word problems with rationals