8th Grade Math

Welcome to Eighth Grade Math with Mr. Scapellati!


IMPORTANT: Please note that tests must be signed by a parent/guardian if a student receives a score of 1 or if the student is taking advantage of the extra-credit correction option.


Students must follow this exact format to be eligible for earning points back:

For each exercise that was partially/completely wrong:

1) Write out the entire question.

2) Complete the exercise correctly with ample work.

3) Provide a brief reason as to why it was marked off the first time.

This should all be done neatly on loose leaf, stapled to the back of the signed test, and turned into the math bin within three days of class return.  

Topics to review for Unit 2:
Rates of change
Linear and non-linear scenarios
Writing linear equations
Analyzing graphs 
Features of graphs 

​Topics to review for Unit 1:

Fraction, decimal, and percent forms of rationals
Rational and irrational numbers
Irrational number approximations 
Perfect squares and cubes 
Scientific notation
Operations with scientific notation
Laws of exponents
Integer exponent evaluations