Regents Common Core Algebra

Welcome to Regents Common Core Algebra with Mr. Scapellati!


Green Made Easy
Read (and Comprehend) Pages 2 - 11
Green Workbook
Complete Pages 1 - 2, # 1 - 11 with ample work for EVERY question (in the correct section of your math binder) 
DUE: Friday, February 2nd 

Please begin studying and preparing for your group math lesson on transformations, which will be presented on February 13th and 15th.

Math Review Class: 

Tuesday, January 30th
After School from 2:45 to 3:45 in Mr. Scapellati's classroom
There is no charge for this program.  However, you must sign up on or before 1/29.  Please see Mr. Scapellati to do so.

More review classes will be announced here soon.


Regents Common Core Algebra is a rigorous high school level course which concludes with students sitting for the administration of the Common Core Algebra Regents Examination in June.  Placement in this course is based on maintaining strong grades in both sixth and seventh grades.  Successful completion of this course results in high school credit.  

IMPORTANT: Please note that tests must be signed by a parent/guardian if a student receives a score of 1 or if the student is taking advantage of the extra-credit correction option.


Students must follow this exact format to be eligible for earning points back:

For each exercise that was partially/completely wrong:

1) Write out the entire question.

2) Complete the exercise correctly with ample work.

3) Provide a brief reason as to why it was marked off the first time.

This should all be done neatly on loose leaf, stapled to the back of the signed test, and turned into the math bin within three days of class return.  

​Topics to review:
Fraction, decimal, and percent forms of rationals
Order of operations with real #s
Unit analysis
Algebraic translations
Solving equations and inequalities
Basic set theory
Function notation
Components of relations  
Function equations in context 
Writing linear equations
Rates of change
Literal equations
Manipulating formulas 
Linear inequalities in two variables
Laws of exponents
Scientific notation
Systems of linear equations
Solving systems graphically
Solving systems algebraically 
Systems of linear inequalities 
Word problems using systems 
Operations with functions
Basic transformations of functions
Functions and their inverses
Scatter plots
Trend lines and linear models
Data correlations 
Linear regression
Exponential functions
Exponential growth applications
Exponential decay applications
Solving basic exponential equations
Exponential regression
Comparing linear and exponential cases
Using piece-wise functions
Absolute value functions
Step functions
Geometric transformations 
Cumulative vocabulary