8th Grade ELA

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The Pearl Book Unit (Begins 9/18)
All students received a copy of The Pearl to borrow for the duration
of our unit. Lost or damaged copies must be replaced.
More resources on this book unit will be posted this week.

Unit 1 Vocabulary and Spelling Tests on Friday, September 22nd.
For information on weekly Vocabulary and Spelling Assignments,
see the following:
Vocabulary and Spelling Weekly Assignments 2017.pdf

Curriculum Map ELA Prep 7/8
Curriculum Map Prep 7 and 8 ELA latest.docx

9/11 Position Paper (Due on 9/15)
Was 9/11 a historically significant event-.pptx






Possible Thesis Statements You May Use:

Our lives are defined by events. Some are joyful; some are sorrowful. These events help to shape us into who we are. The events of 9/11, in a similar way, shaped and forever changed our nation.

A historically significant event is a defining moment in history. The events of 9/11 changed our nation and our lives forever.

9/11 is a historically significant moment in our nation's history. Through the lens of the five criteria of a historically significant event, one can prove this claim without a doubt.

9/11 is often referred to as 'the day that changed America.' Indeed, life in our nation was forever changed due to the events of that day. Because of its lasting effects on our nation, 9/11 is recognized as a historically significant event.