8th Grade ELA

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May News

Students are reading "The Lord of the Flies" at this time. They have been given a packet to complete for this unit. Packets are due on June 8th. 

Students will be revising and adding to their writing portfolios as their final project for writing.

There will not be a Spelling or Vocabulary final exam this year.

Students will be given a Grammar final assessment in June. Date to be announced.

Young Authors' Guidelines

See below for information on this year's project:

                 Young Authors Project 2017.docx 

Extra Credit Opportunity-
I would like students to sign up for Read Theory if they have not already done so. Students can then submit weekly reports to me to show that they are reading on a regular basis. I will count each weekly progress report as 25 extra points. Read Theory is a great, free way for students to practice their reading comprehension skills.

See https://www.readtheory.org/ for more information. 

Spelling and Vocabulary assignment information is also available in the resource section.

Vocabulary extra credit to improve workbook page grade only-
Students may print out and complete the online Practice worksheet OR choose one of the Words in Action writing activities from the unit. All extra credit work is due by Friday of the following week. The extra credit work can improve the workbook page grade only. 

Writing portfolio- 
Each student must have a one inch binder with a minimum of twenty-five sheet protectors. 

Articles of the Week-
Beginning in Trimester 2, students will be assigned Articles of the Week for weeks that we are not doing Vocabulary/Spelling work. The Articles of the Week will count as a Test grade. No late work will be accepted.
Links to the Articles of the Week can be found on this page along with a list of the articles we have covered.

Articles of the Week page