8th Grade ELA

Welcome to Prep 8 ELA with Mrs. Hanley!

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Summer Reading Information
OLH Summer Reading List 2017revised.pdf

Summer Fun Ideas:

Try these fun summer ELA ideas to keep your skills sharp:

1. Complete one of these reading challenge checklists (or both).
Document your efforts in writing or with photos. Be sure to read as many different books as you can. Have a parent or guardian initial each task you complete.

reading challenge checklist.jpg

reading challenge checklist 2.jpg

2. Keep a writing journal over the summer. Write poems, songs, letters, short stories, etc.

3. Take photos of your favorite lines in books or songs. Share with Mrs. Hanley via email.

4. Be a Grammar Detective! Find mistakes in grammar usage, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization that you see in print, online, on television, or in the community. Share with Mrs. Hanley via email or put together a journal of what you found to share in September.

5. Practice your cursive writing. See the following resource for help:

6. Practice your grammar skills. See the following resource for help: