Prep Spanish

HOLA y BIENVENIDOS!Realidades A (Prep7) & Realidades (Prep8) Access to Online Resources:  
Go to for textbook & workbook online resources. Students will soon have their own passwords and individual user names to access the digital tools available with the new interactive text series, Realidades.
To utilize the online resources, one must have Adobe Flash Player installed on a computer. (Many computers already have this installed.) If it is not installed and/or you are unable to view the online resources, please see this link for help:
If your child encounters difficulty in accessing the online textbook and accompany materials (video clips, worksheets, audio files, interactive games, etc.) he/she should bring the textbook and workbook home to complete the lesson's assignments.
Thank you to those Prep 7 & Prep 8 students who so far have contributed $8.79 (Please bring cash after Sept. 14 ) for the 6 issue subscription to ¿Qué tal? 

Please consider joining for text message reminders throughout the year. Follow instruction sheet for your child's Spanish class. 
Practiquen y estudien el vocabulario, los verbos y la gramática.(Print lists from left margin, place in clear sheet protectors & review!)   

Practice & memorize Spanish prayers and Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish.amigosBienvenidos a la clase de español con la 
Señora Gaias