3rd Grade

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I want to extend my sincere gratitude for the generosity, support, and kind words, as myself and Ms. Berlin are deeply grateful for.  I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed summer that involves much needed family time, fun in the sun, and relaxation with loved ones.  Again, we are so very grateful for everything this past year that made it a very special year!

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Go Math
Please make sure your name is on the front cover of each of the Chapter Books.  You do NOT need to cover the books in contact paper.  Keep the "Student Resources" book at home. All chapters will be kept in the math room for safe keeping! Thank you.

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Please log onto Readorium at home, as it is a great way to enhance reading comprehension and reading levels.  Home use, in combination with the time spent in school, is a recipe for success!!
****Headphones are required for Readorium****

Class ID: 1644


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 Access to JourneysGo Math and

Fusion Science: www-k6.thinkcentral.com

Country: USA
State: New York
District: Catholic School
School: Our Lady of the Hamptons

User Name: grade3-3
Password: password

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**Spelling words are available on the webpage and the date of any upcoming tests.  Just click "Spelling Words" on the left under 3rd Grade**

*Stellar Student Spelling Homework Grid:
.-.Mon. - Wed. ~ 3 boxes/3 nights in total.-.
.-.Thurs. ~ Study for Spelling test.-.
.-.Fri. ~ test day.-.

Spelling grid

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.-.This website is a great way to help study for spelling tests, practice vocabulary/ word recognition, enhance reading skills, and much more.  We will be working with this interactive website all year.-.

Vocabulary and Spelling Practice

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.-. Here is our Vocabulary book that we will be working with all year.-.

**Vocabulary quiz words are available on the webpage and the date of any upcoming quizzes.  Just click "Vocabulary Words" on the left under 3rd Grade**

Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop

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Updated Religion Book Link

Username: Kschick8656@olhamptons.org
Password: grade3
Pin: 11789

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(Please note these items are NOT mandated and any donation is more than appreciated! Thank you!!)

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