3rd Grade

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A very special thank you to the 3rd grade class for such a special year (soon to be the 4th grade class! woo!) I am very proud of you all and know you will do so well in 4th grade!  My envelopes should be sent out to all your families soon.  I want to thank all the parents/guardians again for a wonderful year that I will never forget.

To the new 3rd grade class,

I am looking forward to a great year and I hope you are having an amazing summer with family and friends.  Have fun, relax, but don't forget to read and write!  There's nothing better than getting some sun with family and friends while diving into a good book :)

See you all in September for an awesome year!  Please feel free to send any summer pictures over to me as I would love to see the memories you are making :)

Kindest regards,

Ms. Schick

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OLH Summer Reading List 2017packet.pdf

3rd grade math information:


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Contact the teacher: 

The future belongs to those that believe
in the beauty of their dreams."

-Franklin D. Roosevelt 

The 4 Key Co
mponents of Legibility: the 4 "S" reminders


  • 1. Size - This refers to the letters in relation to each other and to the lines or spaces on the paper.

  • 2. Shape - There are four basic shapes, or motions, to guide your

  • cursive handwriting.

    • undercurve (this stroke swings up).
    • downcurve (this stroke dives down).
    • overcurve (this stroke bounces up).
    • slant (this stroke slides at an angle).
  • 3. Slant - All letters in cursive handwriting slant. 

    4. Spacing - The spacing between letters should all be the same. 


The Science textbook is available online.  
Click on the link below to access.
Science textbook

 Fill out the top
State:  New York
District:  Diocese Rockville Ctr.
School: Our Lady of the Hamptons

Username: grade3
Password: password

Go to My Library
Click on Science
Click on Science Fusion Student Access Grade 3


The Journeys workbook is available online.
Click on the link below to access.

Click on Reading and Language Arts
Click on Journeys Common Core

Fill out the top
State:  New York
District:  Diocese Rockville Ctr.
School: Our Lady of the Hamptons

Username: grade3
Password: password

Go to My Library
Click on Reading
Click on Journeys Practice Book
Click on Volume 1


**Spelling words are available on the webpage each week and the date of any upcoming tests.  Just click "Spelling Words" on the left under 3rd Grade**

*Sparkle Spelling: 3 boxes/3 nights in total (Monday-Wednesday)*

.-.Great way to help study for spelling tests.-.

** Scholastic Reading Club **
You can order online at 
Scholastic Book Club
​Activation Code for Class:

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3rd Grade Supplies


· 3 packages of #2 pencils (Dixon Ticonderoga brand preferred)

· 1 package of pencil top erasers

· 1 Elmer’s liquid glue (white) and 3 Elmer’s glue stick

· 1 pair of scissors

· 2 packages of wide-ruled loose leaf

· 1 package of construction paper

· 2 boxes of colored pencils

· 1 box of markers (no scented markers)

· 1 package of assorted colored highlighters

· supply pouch that zippers closed (large enough to hold scissors, colored pencils, and markers)

· 1 container of hand wipes

· 3 containers of antibacterial wipes

· 2 boxes of tissues

· 3 sturdy folders: (Math, Writing, and Take-Home)

· 1 set of sheet protectors

· 1 set of thin dry erase markers and eraser (Expo brand preferred)

· 3 marble notebooks for Spanish, Writing, and Spelling

· 1 Larousse Student Spanish-English/ English-Spanish Dictionary

· 2 packages 3x5 index cards (for Spanish class)


· For Math:

o   1 one inch binder

o   1 notebook

o   1 set of ultra fine dry erase markers to be kept in binder at all times in the binder prior to coming to school)



** Please do not purchase rolling or over sized backpacks.

**All textbooks (hard cover) must be covered with a book sock or paper bag.


Wish List for School Supplies   (Please note these items are NOT mandated and any donation is more than appreciated!  Thank you!!)

~Dry erase markers and erasers      ~Lysol wipes     

~Mini Staplers ~Hand sanitizer  ~Tissues ~Masking tape

~Unneeded board games or puzzles used for indoor recess  

~Scotch Tape    ~Unneeded magazines or newspapers

~A donation of any unneeded books that tie into the theme of the importance of helping each other as a community, spreading kindness, or the value of friendship


Emilia's lines:
Emilia's lines: