4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade with
 Mrs. Gross!

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Please click: MATHEMATICS to see what is going on in math and for the math homework!


Special Notes for the week:
5/21 - 5/25:
Science State Performing Test this week 5/23
No school on Friday 5/25  or Monday 5/28 - Memorial Day weekend.


for week: 5/21 - 5/25:

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ELA - Orange Vocabulary book pg. 92

Response to Reading - In your Journal answer this Question:
In the Book Bridge to Terabithia,, Jess was so motivated by his goal to win the race at school that he rose early each day to practice. Have you ever practiced hard for something to which you wanted to be successful? 

ELA - Orange Vocabulary book pg. 93
Social Studies workbook pg. 47

Science State Performing Test
No Homework

No Homework!
Have a Wonderful Memorial Weekend!

Memorial Weekend!
No School!

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 No New Spelling Words This Week

Specials Schedule:

Math is everyday with Mrs. Distefano

Monday: Gym/Art/science –Mr. Turnbull, Miss Seckel and Mrs. Powell

(Wear your gym uniform on Monday’s only)

Tuesday: Spanish/Dance/Science/ Liturgy –Miss Coyle, Miss Marcia, Mrs. Powell and Mr. Basar

Wednesday: Library/computer/Science - Mrs. Pedersen, Mrs. Stadelman, and Mrs. Powell

Thursday: Health/Music/Spanish –Mr. Turnbull, Mr. Basar and Miss Coyle

Friday: Health/ Science – Mr. Turnbull and Mrs. Powell

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Important Dates in May:

April 30 - May 4 - Scholastic Book Fair
May 1 and May 2 - Math State Test
May 4 - 5th Grade play
May 7th - 1:15 PM - Math Bee
May 9 - Field Trip to the Montauk Lighthouse
May 10 - Ascension Thursday
May 14 - Art Show
May 18 - May Crowning
May 23 - May 24 - NYS Science Test
May 25 - May 28 - School Closed Memorial weekend