4th Grade

Welcome to 4th Grade with
 Mrs. Gross!

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Summer Reading List

Contact Mrs. Gross at jgross8656@olhamptons.org

Please click: MATHEMATICS to see what is going on in math and for the math homework!

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Thank You Fourth Grade for such an amazing year this year! It was such a pleasure getting to know each one of you. You are all very special and I can't wait to hear about your success in future years! Thank you for the thoughtful class gifts it was very thoughtful! Thank you class moms for all of your help this year, we couldn't have done it without you! Thank you to all the parents for raising such incredible children and for all of your help and patience! Have a wonderful summer! And I am just down the hall from the Fifth Grade so I am expecting some visits!

To the upcoming Fourth Grade: Look Below for the supply list and Summer reading list. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me. Enjoy the summer and see you in September! And don't forget to practice your script writing!

Supplies 2017-2018 School Year  for Grade 4      


  • 2 packages of blue or black erasable pens
  • 2  packages of pencils (#2 Dixon Ticonderoga preferred)                  
  • 1 large pencil pouch –( the pencil boxes do not fit inside the desks)

    **Your pencil pouch should include: 4 erasable pens, 4 pencils, markers, and a scissor

  • 1 Pack of markers( any brand) - 12 pack
  • 1 scissor (child size, not adult size)
  • 5 Composition Notebooks  labeled: Journal, Spelling, Reading/ELA, Social Studies, Science
  • 2 pocket folders - 1 labeled “Take Home Folder”  and the other labeled “unfinished work”
  • 1 Box of  baby wipes / wet ones
  • 1 Box of Lysol wipes
  • 2 Boxes of tissues
  • 1 package of plain white computer paper


*Please put your first and last name on all of your supplies. 

*Make sure all of your hard cover text books come in covered in a book sock or brown paper.

*NO personal pencil sharpeners, White Out, or Rolling Backpacks!



Wish List

 Please note these items are not required but will help the classroom.  If anyone can donate these items it will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!


 - Clip boards                                         - Ziplock Bags – gallon and quart size

 - Purell – not pocket sized                      - Brown paper lunch bags

 - Extra tissues                                        - Extra pencils for State Tests


Items you will need with Mrs. Distefano in Math:

1 – One inch binder labeled “Math Binder”

1 – Spiral notebook to put inside binder labeled “Math”

1 - Set of Fine/Ultra Fine dry erase markers to be kept in binder in a pencil pouch at all times

$5 to cover materials for State Test



1 - Container of antibacterial wipes

1 – Computer paper

1 - Box of tissues


Items you will need for Spanish:

1 – Black and White Composition Notebook Labeled “Spanish”

1 – Pocket Folder

1 - *Larousse Student Dictionary Spanish-English / English Spanish (Spanish Edition)