Class Schedule
​Class Schedule 2017-2018

Days Classes 
 Monday Grade 6: 8:45- 9:55AM
Kindergarten: 10:30- 11:40AM
Technology 6: 12:45- 1:20PM
Grade 7: 1:20- 2:30PM
Tuesday  Grade 5: 8:45- 9:55AM
Grade 6: 9:55- 11:05AM
Grade 3: 12:45- 2:30PM 
 Wednesday Grade 8: 8:45- 9:55AM
Grade 4: 9:55AM- 11:05AM
Technology 6: 11:05- 11:40AM
Grade 7: 1:20-2:30PM
 Thursday Grade 7: 9:55- 10:30AM
Grade 2: 10:30- 11:40AM
Grade 8: 12:45- 2:30PM

 Friday Grade 1: 8:45- 9:55AM
Support Periods: 9:55- 11:40AM
Technology 6: 12:45- 1:20PM

The library and computer lab will be open the following days for lunch and recess:
First Recess: Monday- Friday from 11:40- 12:10PM. 
Second Recess:  Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 12:10AM- 12:40PM.  The room is closed on Wednesday due to Math extra help.

General Rules: Students must arrive in the first five minutes of the period in order to maximize their time and have an assignment they are working on.  All must sign the "Sign-in" book upon arrival.  No students are permitted to leave until the bell rings.