Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten has begun a unit on coding.  We will be working with the Code Studio Course 1 curriculum at http://www.code.org. 

Grade 1- Students are working with the Math Fact Practice game to help build their basic addition and subtraction facts in class.

Grade 2 is presenting their Power Point presentations in class. 

3rd Grade
:  The students presented their Power Point presentations last week.  We are so proud of all their work.

4th Grade: The fourth graders are presenting what they learned to the class about their partners.   

5th Grade: The fifth grade has just begun work on a blogging unit using Kidblog.  We will only be using this at school.

6th Grade: Sixth grade is working on their World Civilizations Gallery Walk.  Join us on Friday June 16 at 1:30PM to see their work!

7th Grade: The seventh grade is completing their writing portfolios.

8th Grade: The eighth grade has begun technology for the year.  Their project is to create a 3-5 minute promotional video about OLH.  They will be learning about directing, creating shot lists, organizing shooting schedules, editing, and other elements of filmmaking.