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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten has begun a unit on coding.  We will be working with the Code Studio Course 1 curriculum at http://www.code.org. 

Grade 1- Students will receive their login usernames this month and we will be learning how to get into the computers on their own.  We will also be starting basic keyboarding and learning about where they keys are on the keyboard. 

Grade 2 will be learning how to create tables in Microsoft Word.  This will be helpful when they are working on science fair projects.

3rd Grade
:  We will spend a lot of time this year working in Power Point.  Students had a great time at the Bronx Zoo!  Each child has chosen their animal and is busy working on the PowerPoint presentations for their animals.   A sculpture of their animal will also be made in art class.  Parents will be invited in to view the projects when they are complete.  NONE of the project will be done at home. 

4th Grade: Students will receive the login credentials and start working within the Google Apps Suite.  Information for this will be sent home directly after Christmas break.  We will be working within the apps and using them to work on projects in school.  

The fourth grade was just sent home the information for their Wax Museum project.  Please make sure the packet is placed in a safe location as they will not be given additional copies.  The packet contains all the sheets they must fill out the place on the tri-fold boards.  Please also join our Remind group for text notifications about the project.

Remind Info

5th Grade: The fifth grade is working on a Google Slides presentation about our national parks.  

6th Grade: Sixth grade will be continuing technology and we are working towards conducting our egg drop 

7th Grade: The seventh grade has begun a research project about the American Revolution.  Students will be using Google Docs to create a cover, a detailed report, a photo page with proper citations of website and annotations, and a MLA Style 8 bibliography.  Check the Google Classroom page for Computer/ Technology Grade 7 for website and samples. 

8th Grade: The eighth grade is working on a project called "Ad" it Up.  They will be working with their task teams to come up with a new product.  Students will need to come up with a product, write a script in both English and Spanish, then film a 1-2 minute commercial (in both English and Spanish), where they need to "sell" their product.  Concepts are due 2/13.  Scripts are due 2/17.  Final commercials are due by 3/3.  Students may upload their commercials into Google Drive and share them to Mr. Scapellati and Mrs. Stadelman.  Additional project details are in Google Classroom under the Grade 8 Computer/ Technology page.