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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten is beginning a unit on computer coding using Code Studio Course 1.  We are now working within the program on basic coding games to learn about sequencing and algorithms.

Grade 1- Grade 1 will be working on a project in Microsoft Word.  This will lead us to typing their Young Authors stories.

Grade 2 is working on typing two projects.  First, they will be typing the final copies of their musical instrument projects.  Then, they will be working on the final drafts of their Young Authors stories. 

3rd Grade
- The third grade is working hard on their Google Slides projects on their assigned animals.  They are using the Google Classroom to submit their work each week to be checked.  Students will also be working on a report about their animal while they are in Library and will type their final copies in computer class.  In Art, they will be working on a drawing of their animals and then create a sculpture.  All work will be presented to parents later in the year.  Details about the presentation will come home in early 2018.

4th Grade:   The fourth grade is about to begin work on their Wax Museum presentations.  Our formal Wax Museum will be held on April 27, 2018.  All project tri-fold boards are due April 20, 2018.  

5th Grade: The fifth grade class will be presenting their Google Slide shows on the National Parks of the United States.  Each student has received their presentation date, which begins this week.  All work will be presented orally to the class.  

6th Grade: Students are working on their egg drop projects for technology class.  

7th GradeSeventh grade is working on several projects.  In Library, they are working on their Young Authors projects.  In Computer class, they will be putting together their first passion projects for ELA.  In Research periods, they are working in teams, with their math groups, to prepare a lesson for math class.  

8th Grade: Eighth grade will be working on preparing a math lesson.  These lessons will be done in teams, and final work presented to their math class.  This will count as a major project for the trimester grade.