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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten is beginning a unit on computer coding using Code Studio Course 1.  We are now working within the program on basic coding games to learn about sequencing and algorithms.

We planted seeds in class this month to learn about how sequences can be found in every day tasks.  Send pictures of your plants as they grow!

Grade 1- Grade 1 will be finishing work on their Young Authors project.

Grade 2 is working on typing two projects.  First, they will be typing the final copies of their musical instrument projects.  Then, they will be working on the final drafts of their Young Authors stories. 

3rd Grade
- The third grade is working hard on their Google Slides projects on their assigned animals.  We are now practicing how to present their work on the Smartboard and creating notecards to speak from.  Students will also be doing final edits on their work.  A notice will be sent home soon about the date for presentations.

4th Grade:   The fourth grade is finishing up their Wax Museum presentatin. Our formal Wax Museum will be held on April 27, 2018.  All project tri-fold boards were due April 20, 2018.  

5th Grade: The fifth grade class is now working in Kidblog to write about their assigned class reading.  

6th Grade: Students will begin filming in Flipgrid next week.  The videos will be of students reading original poetry written in class.  A link to their videos will be sent home when available.

7th GradeSeventh grade will be working on their writing portfolios.

8th Grade: Eighth grade has begun a project on Rube Goldberg machines.  We are watching design videos on the process of creating these, and will begin the engineering design phase after the break.  The Rube Goldberg curriculum space presentations will be held June 8, 2018 from 1:30-2:15PM.