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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten is tying in their Author of the Month, Jan Brett, to what we are learning in computer class.  We will be reading Home for Christmas by Jan Brett in class, then working with her website to find coloring sheets, learn more about her books, and interactive computer games found on her website.  

Grade 1- Grade 1 will be working in Tynker to complete the Hour of Code.

Grade 2 is working on a friendly letter writing project about St. Nicholas.  We will be discussing St. Nicholas in class, then begin writing letters about the good works they have done throughout the year to help others.  Final copies will be printed on Christmas themed paper.

3rd Grade
- The third grade is working hard on their Google Slides projects on their assigned animals.  They are using the Google Classroom to submit their work each week to be checked.  Students will also be working on a report about their animal while they are in Library and will type their final copies in computer class.  In Art, they will be working on a drawing of their animals and then create a sculpture.  All work will be presented to parents later in the year.  Details about the presentation will come home in early 2018.

4th Grade:   The fourth grade is participating in the Hour of Code, using Code Studio.

5th Grade: The fifth grade class will be starting work on a unit on coding.  We will be participating in the Hour of Code in December for National Computer Science Week.  We will be using Scratch.

6th Grade: Students are participating in the Hour of Code, using Scratch programming.  

7th Grade: Seventh grade is participating in the Hour of Code, using Scratch.

8th Grade: Eighth grade will be working on both their Spanish Country projects, focusing on the holiday traditions in their assigned nation, and also a Buncee project, creating an original Advent or Christmas tale to present to an elementary grade before the break.  All information for the projects can be found in the Google Classroom.