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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten is learning about the computer lab.  We are going over the rules of our lab, and we will be working with our classroom Smartboard.  During out next classes, we will learn about the parts of the computer and begin guided work on new programs.  

Grade 1- Grade 1 will be working in Code Studio, Course 1, which is a continuation of our coding unit from last year.  Students will be working towards building their own basic programs. 

Grade 2 is working on a fall paragraph, which they will be typing in Microsoft Word.  This project will reinforce the writing process they have been learning in their classroom.  Final copies will be printed on fall themed paper and hung up in the hallway.

3rd Grade
- The third grade had a great time on their Bronx Zoo trip.  Students have been assigned their animals and they will begin work on their animal projects.  Information on which animal they have received will go home in the next couple days.  There will also be assistance with how to find appropriate websites to print will be given.

4th Grade:   The fourth grade is working on their World Hunger essays, using Google Classroom to submit.

5th Grade: We will be continuing with our learning about the Google Account systems.  Students will be working in the Google Classroom this year, and we will begin with Google Forms.  

6th Grade: There are two projects listed in the Google Classroom for this month.  One is creating a Mystery Cube for their monthly book project.  They are also working on a Bible story in Buncee.  Details for these projects are listed in the Prep 6 Homeroom Google Classroom site.

7th Grade: Seventh grade has just begun working on the Technology Day projects.  Details are being given out this week.

8th Grade: Eighth grade is working on a their Just Defense Theory essays for Religion class.  They will be conducting research in class to help gather evidence for their essay.