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Stay tuned for important class news!

Kindergarten- Kindergarten has begun a unit on coding.  We will be working with the Code Studio Course 1 curriculum at http://www.code.org. 

Grade 1- Students will be typing their Young Authors poetry in class.  We will be working with the drafts they wrote in their writing journals.  All work will be submitted to Mrs. Hanley.  All work will be done in school.

Grade 2 is working on their Young Authors stories.  As soon as they are finished, they will be creating their Power Point presentations

3rd Grade
:  The students are almost done with their animal projects!  We are finishing the written reports this month.  A sculpture of their animal is being made in art class.  Parents will be invited in to view the projects when they are complete.  NONE of the project will be done at home. 

4th Grade: The fourth graders are working on a project in Google Slides.  They will be conducting interviews with a randomly selected classmate, then getting to know their classmate through a series of questions.  They will then by creating a Google Slides presentation about that classmate and presenting what they learned to the class. 

5th Grade: The fifth grade has just begun work on a blogging unit using Kidblog.  We will only be using this at school.

6th Grade: Sixth grade is working on their monthly reading blog in Kidblog.

7th Grade: The seventh grade has just finished their Earth Day projects in Google Slides.  We will be learning about QR Codes during the next class.  

8th Grade: The eighth grade has begun technology for the year.  Their project is to create a 3-5 minute promotional video about OLH.  They will be learning about directing, creating shot lists, organizing shooting schedules, editing, and other elements of filmmaking.