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Eighth Grade Supply List:

For the 8th Grade Classroom and General Use

3 rolls paper towels
 Disinfecting wipes 
Package of staples 
White out
3-two pocket folders (must have a 3-hole punch)

For 8th Grade Math
3- 5-subject notebooks
Graph paper pad
Two-pocket folder (with 3-hole punch) 
Ample #2 pencils (with erasers)
Ruler measuring inches and centimeters 
Scientific calculator

For 9th Grade (Regents) Math
3 5-subject notebooks
Graph paper pad
Two-pocket folder (with 3-hole punch)
Ample #2 pencils (with erasers)
Ruler measuring inches and centimeters
CompassTexas Instruments (TI-83 Plus or TI-84 Plus) Graphing Calculator
3-ring binder with looseleaf, three dividers, and graph paper (keep home until January)

For Religion

For English and History Classes
3-subject notebook for History
1 marble composition notebook for ELA
3 packs of looseleaf paper
2 folders (with 3-hole punch): 1 for history, 1 for ELA 
Post-it notes
Dry Erase board (unless you stored yours with Mrs. Hanley) 
4-pack of Expo Dry Erase Markers (low odor preferred) 

For Spanish
1 marble composition notebook
3 packs 3x5 index cards
Larousse Student Dictionary: Spanish-English/ English-Spanish Dictionary 
3 pens of different colors
1 pack of 25 sheet protectors

For 8th Grade Science
3-subject notebook with dividers and folder pocket

For 9th Grade Regents Biology
2-inch binder with ample looseleaf paper 
Pens and pencils
1 folder (with 3-hole punch) 

For Specials (Health/ Technology/ Music/Art/ Library)

3-subject notebook (one section for Health, one section for Technology, one section for Music) 
Sketch Pad
Flash drive for use in all classes (at least 2GB) 

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