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This month we will be studying about the Solar System.  We will be learning about the planets, sun, moon, and stars.  We will be learning fun songs about them too!

Our featured author for February will be LEO LIONNI. We will be reading the following books in class: LITTLE BLUE AND LITTLE YELLOW, IT'S MINE, FREDERICK, THE ALPHABET TREE, FISH IS FISH, SWIMMY, MATTHEW'S DREAM, CORNELIOUS, A BUSY YEAR, ON MY BEACH THERE ARE MANY PEBBLES, INCH BY INCH,  and  ALEXANDER AND THE WIND UP MOUSE. Please look for these books in the library, bookstore, or in the Scholastic Book Club flyers that are sent home every few weeks.  

In Reading lessons we will be studying the letters K, Q, and J.   We will be reading a story called LILY AND THE WIGWOGS and a play in three acts called THE GLUM PRINCESS. We will be practicing writing in our journals. Please remember to always review your child's books with them when they come home for reinforcement. 

Reading Test
Letters P-V-W

Friday, March 31st

Please practice word lists that are sent home in your child's folder.

In Math lessons, we will be learning about three dimensional shapes.

Math Test
Chapter 9
Two Dimensional shapes
April 4th


In Religion lessons we will be learning about the parts of the mass.  We will also be learning about Lent and Easter.

******** Please  have your child practice writing full names using upper and lower case letters!!*********


Epson 126/127
printer ink
black and color

Important Dates

4/12 - Primary Speech Contest
4/3 - First Draft Due to Mrs. Hanley for the Young Authors Project - Poem
4/12 -4/22 - Easter Vacation