7th Grade Religion

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Mrs. Hanley

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Weekly readings for Week of:

Homily Writing Assignment Guidelines

Task: To write a homily based on a set of Bible readings.


  1. Read the assigned Bible readings either from your Bible or from an online version of the Bible.
  2. Write a one-page homily.
  3. Your homily may be typed or handwritten. If typed, 1.5 spacing and 12 pt font Arial or Times New Roman.
  4. It must include the citation of the readings at the top of the page along with a title.


Homily Writing Tips:

  • Remember you are writing for the ‘ears’ not the ‘eyes.’ Your homily should sound interesting and be easy to follow for your audience.
  • Use words and phrases from the text.
  • Unpack key words and difficult words for your audience.
  • Use present-tense, active voice in your homily.
  • Use alliteration to give your homily rhythm.
  • Use metaphors and similes to help explain concepts.



ILLUSTRATE- Explain the text in an interesting and clear manner.

INSTRUCT- Discuss the main idea or theme of the text. Make the message clear.

INVITE- Use the homily to bring your audience closer to God and the Bible. Clearly, invite them to read and see for themselves.


For more ideas: https://www.romancatholichomilies.com/how-to-write-a-great-homily/