5th Grade Science

Chapter 9 - Earth & Space

Currently we are working on reading & completing Chapter 9.  Students should also complete Chapter 9 vocabulary in their blue vocabulary folders - vocabulary words, definitions & pics!

Please bring in a hanger for your Solar System Project! :) 

Newton's Toy Box Test Corrections Due: Tuesday 5/23! 

Interactive Science Notebook

Table of Contents 
Big Money Words
Output Ideas
Science Lab Safety Packet (2pgs stapled)
Hypothesis/Non-Hypothesis (2pgs)
Lesson 1 & 2 Check (1 pg Stapled)
Music Bar Graph
Survey & Bar Graphs (4 pgs stapled on one page)
Chapter 1 Output - Cartoon
Chapter 1 Review Sheet (1 pg. Stapled)
Science Tools Sheet
Design Process & The Tower (2pgs)
Chapter 2 Output (Technology)
Zombie Dichotomous Key
Characteristics of Animals
Vertebrates & Invertebrates
Plants Notes
Chapter 3 Lesson Checks 1, 2 & 3 (2 pages stapled)
Chapter 3 Study Guide (1 page stapled)
Animal Adaptations Notes
Complete Metamorphosis
Incomplete Metamorphosis
Chapter 4  Study Guide
-------------------------------Trimester 2------------------------------
Human Body System Scavenger Hunt
Human Body System Word Find
Circulatory/Respiratory/Immune Word Find
Your Heart - Reading Comprehension & Questions
Lesson 1 Check
Heart & Circulation *Box Diagram*
Your Lungs - Reading Comprehension & Questions
Larry - Traced picture into notebook
Lesson 2 Check
Topic 2 - Part 1 Lesson 3 (Sheet includes activities for Lesson 3)
Skeleton Sam
Lesson 3 Check
Activity 2 work in notebook
Activity 3 work in notebook
Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Check
Topic 2 - Part 2 Lesson 4 (Sheet includes activities for Lesson 4)
Reaction Time Lab (2 Pages)
Activity 8 work in notebook
Activity 9 work in notebook
Activity 11 work in notebook
Chapter 5 Lesson 4 Check
Chapter 5 Lesson 5 Notes
Digestion Dan
The Changing Weather
The Causes of Weather
Chapter 7 Study Guide
Chapter 7 Output Entry - Weather Cartoon
-------------------------------------Trimester 3--------------------------------
*Newton's Toy Box Book (Separate from notebook) - Project Grade 
Solar System - Planets Order
Drawing the Galaxy
  *Solar System Project - (Separate from notebook) - Project Grade

Grading Scale for Science Notebooks
*This is your PROJECT GRADE for the TRIMESTER*

4 - All work completed, All work listed in Table of Contents, all pages numbered 
(Page numbers correspond to the numbers in the Table of Contents)
3 - Missing 1 or 2 Entries, Missing a few page numbers or entries in the Table of Contents
2 - Missing more than 2 Entries, Pages not all numbered, Missing entries in Table of Contents
1 - Missing more than 3 Entries/Notebook not handed in