5th Grade Science

This week we are working on our final project - Famous Scientist Posters! :)

THURSDAY JUNE 15TH!!!  Posters will NOT be accepted late!

Scientists we are studying! :) 

• Faraday, Michael

• Fleming, Alexander

• Marconi, Guglielmo

• Mendel, Gregor Johann

• Mendeleev, Dmitriy

• McClintock, Barbara

• Armstrong, Neil

• Audubon, John James

• Avogadro, Armedeo

• Babbage, Charles

• Bell, Alexander

• Blackwell, Elizabeth

• Bohr, Niels Henrik David

• Boyle, Robert

• Brahe, Tycho

• Carson, Rachel

• Carver, George Washington

• Celsius, Anders

• Charles, Jacques Alexander

• Copernicus, Nicolas

• Cousteau, Jacque

• Crick, Francis

• Curie, Marie

• Darwin, Charles

• Dalton, John

• Edison, Thomas

• Einstein, Albert

• Franklin, Rosalind

• Galileo

• Gates, Bill

• Glenn, John

• Goodall. Jane

• Gould, Stephen Jay

• Halley, Edmund

• Hawking, Stephen W.

• Herschel, Frederick William

• Hertz, Gustav Ludwig

• Hooke, Robert

• Hubble, Edwin

• Irwin, Steve

• Jobs, Steve

• Joule, James

• Kelvin, William Thomson,


• Kepler, Johann

• Leakey, Louis Semour


• Leeuwenhoek, Anton van

• Linnaeus, Carl

• Lovelace, Ada Byron

• Mitchell, Maria

• Newton, Sir Isaac

• Nightingale, Florence

• Ohm, Georg Simon

• Oppenheimer, J. Robert

• Pascal, Blaise

• Pasteur, Louis

• Pauling, Linus

• Ride, Sally

• Rutherford, Ernest

• Sagan, Carl

• Salk, Jonas

• Schrodinger, Erwin

• Stephenson, George

• Tesla, Nikola

• Thatcher, Margaret

• Thompson, J. J.

• Volta, Alessandro, Count

• Watson, James

• Watt, James



1. Poster MUST be on poster board. 8 ½ x 11 is fine - Larger posters are okay too! 

2. Mug shot (picture) - We need to know what he/she looks like! 

3. First, Middle and Last name of your scientist. 

4. Birth Date and Year of Death (if applicable). 

5. What country was he/she born in and where did he/she do their work?

6. What are he/she famous (wanted) for—their accomplishments? 2-3 complete sentences, in your own words. 

7. Print out or photocopy of your sources with info highlighted. 
*INSTEAD - you may write the web address/type them on a word document and paste them to the back of the poster! :)

8. Your name on the bottom right corner. 

Choose 5 of the following requirements to add to your poster 

 1. A quote by your scientist

2. A picture of what they worked on, ex. Invented telephone

3. Where they went to school/college

4. If they had any other jobs, ex teacher, lawyer, doctor…etc.

5. Family information: husband/wife, children, parents, brothers, sisters.

6. What else was happening in history when this scientist was famous? Ex. WWII

7. Did this scientist work with another scientist? Who was it and what did they do?

8. Are there any museums or other places that are named after your scientist? Where is it?


Your grade will be determined by:
* Overall poster neatness and creativity.
* Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and accuracy of information.
* Completeness, all requirements have been met.
* Handed in on time.
* Appropriate use of Computer Labs (we will use the labs Monday 6/12 & Tuesday 6/13)