6th Grade Physical Science

Welcome to Sixth Grade Physical Science with...
Ms. Burriesci!!!!!!!!!!!!
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(TOPIC #11...Lessons 1-3) Happy Studying...we will progress onto lesson 3 next week!

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Topics This Year 2018-2019 Include:
(September to December)
Topic 0- Sci. Method/Measure/Graphs (DONE)
Topic 1- Intro to Matter (DONE)
Topic 2- Solids, Liquids, Gases (ALMOST DONE)
Topic 8- Atoms & The Periodic Table 
Topic 9- Chemical Reactions

(January to May)
Topic 10- Forces & Motion 
Topic 3- Energy 
Topic 4- Thermal Energy 
Topic 5- Waves & ER
Topic 6- Electricity and Magnetism 
Topic 7- Currents & Circuits 

Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday 10/22/18:
1. Weigh Milk Curd Today??
2. Study Guide will be made available to you by Tuesday on class webpage to study from for EXAM #2 on Nov. 1, 2018.
Tuesday 10/23/18:

Wednesday 10/24/18:

Thursday 10/25/18 (LAB DAY):
Halloween Themed LAB TODAY???

Friday 10/26/18:

 NO SCHOOL TODAY (Professional Day)!