Biology 2017

SUBMIT all labs by THURSDAY 5/25  - any missing labs will be required to complete BEFORE/DURING your fun day 5/26! Please be aware...get everything in so you can just have a blast with your friends!!!

*The only remaining lab will be the BIOME BOX project - this will be due June 5th - we will discuss this project after we finish Evolution.*

PLEASE make every effort to attend all REVIEW SESSIONS from now until the test! 

Biology review - next review is THURSDAY 5/25

        Homework & Important Dates

Monday:  Work on the Evolution Review Questions! EVOLUTION TEST CHANGED TO THURSDAY!
NYS LAB: Beaks of Finches due Thursday along with any other missing lab! PLEASE!

 Finish Evolution Review Questions/Study Make sure Topic 5 - Evolution (From review books) is also completed this will count as a test grade for tomorrow!

Wednesday:   Be sure ALL LABS ARE DONE!
EVOLUTION TEST TOMORROW (We will move onto Ecology after...I will need you 1st Lunch tomorrow - b/c we have mass during one of our class periods.  Thank you VERY much for your cooperation!)

  Evolution Test & Begin Ecology
*We will discuss Biome Box Projects - due June 5th*

Biology Review Work 
For Thursday 5/25 -
Please review The Living Environment Bootcamp handout along with any/all old exams - Please highlight/make sure you understand the topics - see me with any questions! 
*ON THURSDAY 5/25 - you will be taking another Full Length Practice Regents.* 

Review Book Completed Work:
Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 9 
*In addition 2 FULL LENGTH practice regents should be completed.  Please see me if you missed review and need the Key for the 1st one!*