Living Environment (Biology)

ATTN: For those who were not able to hand in the regents review book money this past week on time for ordering... I have ordered the books, but will only distribute to those students who have handed in money when the books arrive. The book is necessary for all Biology students. Homework is to be assigned in this workbook over Christmas vacation. Students whom have not handed in money yet are to please hand in money by the end of next week. Thank you and have a great weekend! See you on Monday! -Miss. Burriesci 

ATTN 8th Grade: For those students who owe me LATE labs...please get as much of them done as possible before we leave for Christmas break. I do not want you any further behind on missed lab work! This is very important so lets focus on time management and organizational skills these next few days! 

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Monday 12/10/18 (LAB DAY):
LAB #18 DAY!!!!!! (PUNNET SQUARES Virtual LAB)
***DUE DATE= Thursday Dec. 13th PLEASE!!!!

Tuesday 12/11/18:
Finishing up Chapter 24 today...possibly move into chapter 25.

Wednesday 12/12/18:
Continue with biology notes today Chapter 25!

Thursday 12/13/18 (LAB DAY):
LAB #19: (DNA Extraction LAB)
***DUE DATE= MONDAY 12/17/2018

 Friday 12/14/18 (WHOLE GROUP):
Continuation on Chapter 25 (DNA/Protein Synthesis)