8th Grade American History

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American History Syllabus
American History Prep 8 Syllabus.docx

American History Topics

Chapter 11     North and South Take Different Paths

Chapter 12     An Age of Reform

Chapter 13     Westward Expansion

Chapter 14     A Nation Divided

Chapter 15     The Civil War

Chapter 16     Reconstruction and the New South

Chapter 17     The West Transformed

Chapter 18     Industry and Urban Growth

Chapter 19     Political Reform and the Progressive Era

Chapter 20     The United States Looks Overseas

Chapter 21     World War I

Chapter 22     The Roaring Twenties

Chapter 23     The Great Depression and the New Deal

Chapter 24     The World War II Era

Chapter 25     The United States in the Cold War

Chapter 26     The Civil Rights Era

Chapter 27     The Vietnam Era

Chapter 28     New Directions for a Nation

Chapter 29     Challenges for a New Nation