Field Day Information

Field Day Information
Posted on 05/10/2019
This is the image for the news article titled Field Day InformationOLH's Field Day will be held at Red Creek Park in Hampton Bays on June 5, 2019.  A letter has been sent home asking for volunteers and detailing information about that day.  Please sign and return those forms to Mr. Turnbull.

Students will be picked up on their regular buses that day and brought directly to Red Creek Park by 8:45AM.  No one is coming to OLH that day.  Buses may pick up children about a half hour later than normal that morning.  Your child's driver will let you know what time to expect the bus that morning.

If you are driving your child to the park, please do not drop them before 8:45AM.  There will be no supervision before that time.

Buses will pick up students at Red Creek at 1:45PM and bring them directly home.  Plan on children arriving home a little earlier than usual that day.

ALL STUDENTS BEING PICKED UP ON WALKERS AND RIDERS THAT DAY MUST HAVE A WRITTEN NOTE STATING SO, EVEN IF YOU ARE VOLUNTEERING TO HELP.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  If there is no walker/ rider note submitted, your child will automatically be placed on a bus home, unless they are a permanent walker/ rider.  

We ask you to please refrain from changing your child's dismissal plan once they have arrived at the park.  

Walkers/ riders will be dismissed from the basketball courts starting at 1:45PM.  Parents will line up outside the basketball courts and teachers will release your child to you at the entrance.

The tear off note stating how your child(ren) will be going home that day will be sent home on Tuesday May 28 in the backpack.  This note is due back, signed, by Tuesday June 4.

A copy of the note can also be found below:

Dress code for that day will be gym type shorts or sweatpants and either a blue or white tee shirt, depending on which "team" they will be on.  Classroom teachers will assign the teams and inform you which color your child will wear.  All students MUST wear sneakers that day.  Each child should wear a generous amount of sunscreen and bug spray and bring a water bottle clearly labeled with their name.  

Lunch (hot dogs, watermelon, water, chips), will be provided that day.  

​There will be NO AFTERCARE on June 5, 2019.