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Parents, a reminder about food allergies and classroom parties. Please let the teacher know in advance if you are bringing a birthday treat. Please check with your child's teacher  in advance to see if there are allergies in the class.
At no time are snacks and treats containing any type of nuts or seeds allowed at OLH in any grade.
Please be careful with granola bars and yogurt. They often contain traces of nuts. 

Parents, if your student has a food allergy or gluten intolerance , we ask that you send in treats for your student that will be kept in the nurse's office.

We have received notification of some changes regarding health requirements for September 2018. Health examinations by your doctor will now be required in Pre K or K, 1, 3, 5, and 7. 
These changes go into effect on July 1 for the 2018-2019 school year.
 Athletes are still required to have a yearly physical as well as a health history each season.

All 6 graders are required to have the Tdap vaccine as soon as they turn 11. They are also required to have 2 Varicella  vaccines as well as a Polio at age 4 or older.

All 7 graders are required to have the Meningitis vaccine.

If your child is not due for a physical, they are still required to have the appropriate immunizations by the first day of school.  If for any reason your child can not have the immunizations, a note from the doctor with the appointment date is required. There are NO exceptions to this. Children must be fully immunized to attend school or they will be excluded.

If your child needs any of these immunizations, the notices went home this week.

Our school policy requires you call the office to let us know your child will be absent. You are also required to send a note when they return.

NO child will be allowed to miss PE or recess for more than 2 days without a doctor's note. This is for all medical issues. 
Physical education and physical activity are important steps in a healthy lifestyle.

If your child can not participate in PE or recess, they may not participate in after school activities.
Please have your doctor's note include your child's diagnosis, type of restrictions, and return to activity date( if known ).

A reminder about medications: all medication must be brought in by a parent. Written permission from a parent is required. A prescription is required from the doctor. No medication may be sent in with a child. There are no exceptions to t

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to call me.

Thanks so much for your cooperation.