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Coach Brittany Rocco
E-mail: OLHCheerleading01@yahoo.com

Hello Team!

My name is Brittany Rocco and I will be your cheerleading coach this year! I am very excited to work with you all this season and can’t wait to see how amazing you will all be together!

Let me start by telling you a little about myself, I am 22 years old & I am currently attending Manhattan College studying to receive my Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science with a focus in Pre-Physical Therapy. I have always been a dancer, and I’ve been teaching dance for 8 years now.  I was also a cheerleader in school for about 4 years and to this day continue to choreograph cheer routines for different cheerleading teams on the island.


Practices will be held on Friday’s and will be two hours long, being from 3:00 – 5:00 and all practices will be held at OLH in the new gym.  Please be aware that Cheerleading is indeed a team sport, this means that attendance is very important to the functionality of the practices.  When a child is constantly absent it will make it difficult for the team to practice routines and stunting so please try your best to always attend practice and if you will be unable to attend practice please be sure that you E-mail me as soon as possible.

To practice, you should wear your OLH gym sweatpants, your OLH gym tee shirt/cheer tee shirt and sneakers with your hair pulled back into a ponytail out of your face.  There is to be no Jewelry worn to practice for safety reasons, cheerleading is a sport and regulations regarding safety should be treated with the utmost importance. You should also ALWAYS bring a water bottle with you so that you can stay hydrated throughout the entire practice! Our team will be cheering for the OLH boy’s basketball team throughout the entire season.  We will not have the schedule for these games until around October/November, but most games we cheer for will fall on weekends with the exception of a few weekday games.  There will also be 2-3 Cheerleading competition events that are MANDATORY!  I will have these dates for you as soon as possible as to not have any confusion regarding your child’s attendance.

As you probably know participating in cheerleading there are some expenses that go along with the sport.  Throughout the course of our season we will buy a uniform and Pom Poms (Price varies year to year but the most we have paid for a uniform was around $116), Bows ($15), and cheerleading shoes ($40). But Please, Don’t let these numbers scare you we will be fundraising to knock these numbers down.  Any and all fundraising ideas are more than welcome and all fundraisers that we do are considered MANDATORY EVENTS!

If there are any questions regarding Cheerleading for this season please feel free to contact me!